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Spider Personnel is a New Zealand owned and operated company and our simple service excellence approach is to build a web of quality relationships between a job seeker and an employer.

This involves a basic two fold RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT approach:

  • Working in partnership with employer’s
  • Attracting and managing talented job seekers

At Spider Personnel, you will have the benefit of knowing that you are working with experienced and qualified recruitment and human resource professionals. This will enable a better understanding of your needs and ensure that your personnel strategies are aligned with your business success/growth. After all your people are your most valuable asset.



In a nutshell, it’s simple. We use a simple philosophy. We do the basics right the first time, and try to get it right every time. Our existing and prospective customers know that when dealing with people, there are no guarantees. We can’t guarantee people so what we offer you is a ‘QUALITY PROPOSITION’. We guarantee the quality of our candidates and the quality of our service. We aren’t perfect, but strive very hard to get it right. If we don’t we will fix it. It’s that simple. If you ‘our customer’ aren’t satisfied, then neither are we. WE WILL FIX IT, we guarantee it.
In a highly competitive and unregulated market place, there are employment/recruitment agencies popping up every day and everywhere. But are all recruitment agencies and recruitment consultants created equal? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Experience the spider difference:

Experienced consultants: All our consultants are either highly experienced in recruitment and or Human Resources, or they are formally qualified in Business and HR and or they are trade qualified in a particular field. So why is this important!

Consistency: You will be dealing with the same consultant/s year in year out.

Knowledge: Experienced consultants will learn your business and come up with solutions. They will listen to your requirements and deliver exacting and measureable results. When you call us and discuss your requirement for a fitter/welder or a CNC operator or an operations manager or a cost accountant, we know exactly what that is. No second guessing, no BS, no faking. You will get what you want.

We are not just another agency or another supplier, we are an extension of your business, your outsourced recruitment and Human Resources partner.

Candidate Care: Yes it is you that pays our bills, however candidates are just as important. We treat all candidates with the highest level of respect, privacy and integrity, whether they are a junior candidate or a management level placement. The treatment is the same. That is why you won’t see Spider Personnel often advertising for candidates. There is no shortage here, they come flooding in.

We utilise a very personalised approach to candidate care, attempting to only place candidates into the right role, no bums on seats approach here. That is why hundreds of candidates want to be represented by SPIDER.

Transparency: There is no grey area when dealing with SPIDER, we listen, we learn, we understand and then we deliver. You will get exactly what you want, no if’s, buts or maybes. We are also transparent about our charge rates and pay rates to candidates. Everything is out in the open. We will negotiate to make it work for you.

Relationships: We believe in building long term and mutually rewarding relationships, whether it’s with a client and or a candidate. It’s why we are becoming the recruiter of choice for many companies and businesses across Auckland and nationwide.

Nationwide Supply Channel: We can service you nationwide. Whatever your requirement, just call us to discuss. We also have the capacity to partner with other recruiters to provide the right solutions.

24/7 Availability: We are here to service you around the clock, if that is your requirement. Don’t believe us, just try… us at 1am or 3am in the morning and see how quickly we respond. Many agencies claim they provide this service only to be let down time and time again. Give us a try.

Communication: Our existing clients always state that one of the biggest advantages of dealing with Spider Personnel Ltd is the fact that we answer phone calls and reply to message very promptly. We take the frustration out. However you want it, is how you will get it.

‘we are putting reliability back into recruitment, one customer at a time’.

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